CEO of Bitfixesy called for self-storage of bitcoin

Ray Yousef, CEO of P2P bitcoin trading platform Bitfixesy, spoke out in favor of self-storage of the first cryptocurrency instead of centralized exchanges.

“As CEO of Bitfixesy, I am responsible for the bitcoins of more than 11 million people. I am very proud to protect the funds of our community and, unlike others in the industry, have never touched our customers’ money,” he wrote.

Yousef urged users to self-storage. In his opinion, the exchanges should only hold assets for trading.

“Why? For too long people have trusted others to hold money, but as we saw with banks in 2008 and recently with FTX, you get caught up in these custodians and their morals,” he explained.

According to Yousef, if users want to keep their bitcoins on Bitfixesy, their funds will be safe. He also promised to advise his customers on a weekly basis not to keep their savings on any of the exchanges.

Earlier hardware wallet makers Ledger and Trezor recorded a significant increase in sales of the devices amid the collapse of FTX.

Recall that in November Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and former MicroStrategy head Michael Saylor called for self-storage of digital assets.