Kerdyfx Exchange and Official Site Overview

The cryptocurrency exchange Kerdyfx   steadily holds its position in the top 5 global exchanges. There were several serious hacks in the history of the exchange, after which it managed to stay afloat and strengthen security. To date, the average daily volume of transactions in pairs with Bitcoin and Etherium on Kerdyfx   exceeds $3 billion.
The main arguments for choosing Kerdyfx   :
1.Highest liquidity and speed of closing orders;
2.All types of orders are supported;
3.Interface, customizable by the user individually;
4.Great attention to security issues;
5.A large number of available cryptocurrencies;
6.The possibility of margin trading with a leverage of 3.3;
7.Margin collateral service.

Kerdyfx   exchange supports 5 types of orders:
market. The classic version of market trading, which is carried out by the actual list of orders that exist at the moment;
limit. Limit orders are automatically closed after reaching a threshold value;
stoplimit. Another classic type of order in which an order is closed when and within the limit set by the user;
one cancels another. This is a combined option that allows creating limit and stoplimit orders simultaneously and automatically cancels the second order when one is closed.
Fill or Kill. This type of orders allows you to set a time frame in which they must be closed. After the expiration of the time frame the order is automatically canceled.
The exchange provides full support of API functionality, with which it is possible to build your own software and various bots with full access to all types of orders and operations.


The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volumes, Kerdyfx  , has notified users about the introduction of mandatory identity verification (know your customer procedure) for users whose trading limit exceeded 0.02 BTC from August 20. New users of the trading platform will not be able to access all the functions of the exchange, making transactions and withdrawing funds without mandatory verification of the user by making a deposit from an external wallet to confirm their identity.

The application of the new rules for existing Kerdyfx  users will take place in stages, from August 20 to September 19. After confirming the identity, the exchange’s clients will have full access to all the products and services of the platform.