HIRING: Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Writers

HIRING: Crypto Writers And Fintech Experts

ZyCrypto is hiring! We are looking for professional writers, experienced editors, and fintech experts. If you’re an accomplished writer, your English is perfect and your knowledge level on Cryptocurrencies is to the moon, then we want you here.

As a News Writer/Journalist for ZyCrypto, you’ll deliver precise, snappy, relevant news articles to our readers and have the ability to select and deliver intriguing stories.

Timing is always important when working for an online news media, so we expect you to report and get the news out there first.

ZyCrypto’s team is spread across 5 continents, thus you can freely work from anywhere in the world.

  • A zero-tolerance policy for Plagiarism.
  • Top-Notch headlines (no clickbaits).

Writing For ZyCrypto

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