MultiversX launches Web3 ‘culture hub’ xSpotlight

MultiversX launches Web3 ‘culture hub’ xSpotlight

Following the successful release of Inspire Art last August and more than a million NFTs aggregated, MultiversX is launching xSpotlight – an evolution of the platform, with new features for the exploration of Web3 culture. 

Launching this evening, xSpotlight will feature enhanced aggregation and curation of Web3 projects, an improved explore section and deeper ecosystem partner integrations. Submissions are now open to all creators and founders that want to be featured on the xSpotlight website and in future editorial projects the platform is developing. 

xSpotlight, a ground-up rebuild of Inspire Art announced last November at X Day Paris, is now introduced, bringing significant improvements, ranging from the Explorer section and creator side to many other functionalities. xSpotlight doesn’t operate as a marketplace, but as a platform exhibiting NFT projects and collections in the MultiversX ecosystem. 

The company – formerly Elrond – is also introducing the Lighthouse Series, an editorial effort aimed at helping the community navigate the space.